The wild responsibility of throwing a Hen’s Party: Our top 5 activities to get the ball rolling.

The to do list of any bride-to-be can be a overwhelming and seemingly endless. For the wedding you have to find a venue, cross check the guest list (best not 'forget' anyone!). Prepare the seating arrangement, book caterers, pick out your wedding dress, order flowers, a wedding cake…. and those are just the basics. The process can be a stressful frenzy with so much to organise. Luckily a bride has her bridesmaids.

So it’s up to you, the besties of the bride to get her through. In amongst those stressful weeks leading up to the big day, there is the celebration and completely un-holy tradition of ushering in a new chapter for the bride; the Hen’s Party.

An occasion normally organised without the help of the bride, the hen’s party is a time to go wild and relieve the pent up stressful energy from all that wedding planning. And although she’s ever so in love, ‘til death to us part’ is a long, long time. Inevitably the sex is going to get stale, and one day those crazy memories she makes at her bachelorette party will be the only turn on she can cling onto.

Yes, making sure the party is a success and all the bride wants (and needs) it to be is a massive responsibility for you as her bridesmaids. It can also get a little expensive so feel free to delegate a bit of the party organising around, get the whole sisterhood onboard and do some brainstorming so you can throw a hen’s party you all will remember.

To get the ball rolling here are our top 5 Hens Party activities for a wild time.

1. A classic “get to know ya dirty secrets” drinking game.
There are tonnes of variations on the classic “never have I ever” drinking game where players are asked scandalous questions and drink for every nasty activity the confess to, separating the bettys from the veronicas in no time. On Etsy there a loads of different ‘bingo’ style downloadable sheets that pose daring questions that will have your bride-to-be blushing in front of her mother in law like never before.

Click here for the link to one of our favourite dirty “Drink if you have” games

2. Cocktail making class
Whether you get a mixologist in for the lesson, or you give it a go yourself, this is a fun and easy addition to any hens party that can be customised to suit the bride, or to make everyone try something a little different. It’s also the perfect way to toast your bride and wish her everlasting happiness.

We wrote up a blog post on our favourite fruity cocktail that’s sure to look popping in your instagram photos.

3. Hire a stripper
Don’t even consider opting out of this classic hen’s party main event. A sexy stud to get the party started is essential for your bestie’s send off. She’s about to be stuck with the same old willy hopefully “until death do us party” so to not spoil your bride with a ripped, naked hunk grinding up on her at her bachelorette party, would be a travesty.

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4. Art Class
Now that you’ve got your stripper sorted it’s time to get creative. Still life drawing, or sculpting is an excellent way of making use of the stunning specimen that stands before you. Seeing the mother of the bride-to-be pretend to concentrate on sculpting as she narrows her gaze on his bits will be priceless.

5. Pole Dancing lessons
Learning to pole dance can be liberating and empowering. Learn a few techniques from a professional and turn up the sexy factor at the hen’s party. We’ve all secretly wanted to give it a try so why not do it together and get a few tricks before hitting the clubs later in the night.

Alright there you have it, our top Hen’s Party activities that will keep the whole gang giggling and blushing all night long. The ideal hen’s party is a perfect blend of creativity, booze, sex and sisterhood. We know planning a hen’s party can feel like a lot of responsibility but with some planning and brainstorming with your friend’s, you’ll pull off a night to remember long after the bride says ‘I do’.