The A to Z of a Life Drawing class

A-Z or in this case A to Willy on life drawing sessions

Life drawing classes are a fabulous way to give a classy twist to any hens do or event, the guests still get to giggle at a nudey man but you are being artistic so Mum and Aunty won’t get the shock of their lives.

Life drawing sessions keep the whole party involved in the days activities, you don’t need to be an artist to participate, as the sessions are 45 minutes in duration, and they are designed to be a bit of fun rather than bring out your inner Picasso.

Striking a variety of sexy poses for you to recreate on your paper, your model (or perhaps your art) will leave you in stitches of laughter. There are variations of the life drawing to spice it up or down as you please.

Semi nude life drawing models are $219 for 45 mins.

But let’s face it, full nude life drawing models for $319 is the way to go when creating an event no one will forget.

You don’t have to stick to providing 1x pad and pencil for your guests, as you can choose to incorporate clay or play-doh instead if you would prefer to mould your model. The choices are endless and it really is up to your imagination.


What you will require for the nude life model (model only) is as follows:
- 1 x pad + pencils for each guest (or clay or play-doh)
- A towel to wrap around the model in the bathroom when he comes out and to use to lie on

So you are aware of what to expect, your model will take 3 - 5 poses, so you can draw him for 5 - 15 mins in each pose, and if you like, you can ask him to get up and top up drinks and 'critique' the drawings (just a bit of fun) in between.

Please note that the model is not a tutor and this is just a bit of fun and something different for the hens.

Remember these sessions are just a bit of fun the model is not a teacher but he can be a judge. If you would like to run the session as a competition, you may use your man as a judge between each pose to choose which art work he thinks is most accurate, fun or most outrageous. The men are there to provide a great time for your group, so if you would like them to top up drinks or run a game you have in mind during the time do not hesitate to ask. In return we ask you please provide your model with a towel to strike his poses on!

Please ensure you ask your Life Drawing Model before taking any photos. We say no photos at all, unless you explicitly ask your man, as each life model has different rules.

Life Drawing Model for Art Classes and Hen Parties in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown