Popcorn, Prosecco & PJs

If you’re planning a hens party, there is no better place to look than your PJ wardrobe!

Set your theme, or choose your bride to be's favourite movie for inspiration of fun hen activities to go along with the PJ party.

1. Sing-a-long movie night

For a cosy and cool hen activity, why not organise a screening of the Bride to be’s favourite movie. Whether it’s a sing along, a hen themed flick, or a modern classic movie, pull the blinds and pop the prosecco. Every one loves a sing along and a glass of bubbles. Even if it sounds a bit cringe before they turn up....we promise it'll be a hoot.

2. Book a weekend away

Why not book a book a batch and turn one of the nights (whether it’s warm up or recovery!) into an old school slumber party and put on a movie. Order pizzas or put on the BBQ, distribute the face masks, and make sure you have some bride to be Pyjamas for the VIP. If it’s a winter night, light a fire and whip up some spiked hot chocolate or mulled wine for the perfect night in.

3. Book out a movie theatre

Depending on the size of the group, you could book out a cute little movie theatre. There are cute theatres all over the country. Matakana movie theatre is gorgeous and the perfect get away for a weekend. Arrowtown has Dorothy Browns and there is a beautiful little theatre in Wanaka where you sit in a car....who doesn't love a trip to Wanaka for a hen party!?!?

4. Goodie Bags

If you’re giving the team a goodie bag (which is always a winner in our book!), filled it with lots of edible treats that are the bride to be favourites, such as maltesers for their popcorn (just us?), chocolate coated ice cream, retro candy or whatever the bride to be’s signature sweet is. Maybe pack in some movie themed accessories depending on the film choice. Most importantly pack in some bottles of prosecco to wash down the popcorn!

Lights, Camera, Action! Enjoy ladies xx