6 ideas for 2020 summer hen parties

There are no hard and fast rules to planning a hen party; you can do a girls' night out on the town, a big weekend away, a cocktail making class, or go laid-back with a pj party. Whatever you do, you want to make it feel like a special event, and adopting some of these cute ideas could be just the way to do it!

1. Get your sip on with personalised cocktails

Just when couldn't possibly have another, pretty personalised drinks are just asking to be photographed! How very instagram and fabulous. We highly recommend a margarita for the saucy and fun bride, or the cosmopolitan for the sexy in the city bride. Our topless waiters can make pretty much any drink you choose....so get creative.

2. Don a 'Team Bride' sash

Hen sashes aren't exactly the snazziest accessories traditionally speaking, but they are certainly being dragged up to date with gorgeous colours like rose gold doing the rounds. Even better would be to make something from your bride to be's old wardrobe that reminds her of how you met, her school/university days or something a bit funny. Points for up cycling

3. Do donuts (no, the craze hasn't ended yet)

Some people might think we've hit 'peak donut' but how can you possibly get over something that's so sweet and tasty?! Although they're not necessarily a 'hen' accessory, there's never a wrong time to get the donuts out, and some unicorn ones seem to be very in-keeping with current hen trends. You could go one step further and make your own as part of the hens party activities. Throw the donut on the Willy perhaps ;p

4. Issue a 'survival kit'

Items like borrocca, hair clips, mints, and of course a little bottle of bubbles for those who fancy a sip are great to include in a 'hen party survival kit', but the theme of your event will dictate what you pop in (ie plasters will be equally important for an adventurous day off-roading, or a night on the tiles, but hopefully won't be needed at a vintage tea and PJ party).

5. Prop-up your photo booth

Chances are you might not have a full-on photo booth for your hen, but if you're planning to have one for the big day itself why not get in some practise! Sort your selfie face with cute props and perhaps use one of Strip of Meat's photo frames so you can snap memories that you might not remember ;)

6. Take summer pool parties to the next level with inflatables

Unless you've been enjoying life without your eyes stuck to your various social media feeds for the last two months (just us?!) you'll already be well aware that this summer is all about inflatables. If you've gone super plush with a pool party abroad with your ladies (and/or gents), you're probably already well on your way to an Instagrammable hen party. Nevertheless, throwing in some huge engagement ring inflatables should really hammer home the point of your trip.

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