Games List

Check out our range of fun, sexy and entertaining games!

All materials to be supplied by the host

Please ensure you have all the materials as required for your chosen games

Kiss the Penis

This game is a lot more tame than it sounds! Essentially our waiter lies down on a large piece of butchers paper (2m long) and the bride draws around it using a black marker pen in her mouth. An A4 size picture of the groom's head is attached to the drawing and hung up. All guests are then blindfolded (one at a time) and the waiter puts lipstick on the guests and guides them to the poster where they are required to mark the sport where they think the grooms penis should be. They mark the spot by kissing the penis area with their lipstick covered lips.


A large piece of butchers paper, black marker pen, A4 size picture of the groom's face/head, Bluetac or sellotape, Blindfold, Lipstick

S.O.M. Groom Quiz

The groom completes the answers to the following quiz (PDF available below) and the waiter reads out the questions for the hen to answer. The idea is that the bride will know the answers that the groom would come up with. For every wrong question, the hen has to do a dare or a shot.


Download the questions

3 Words Game

When your waiter arrives he will tell all the guests they are not allowed to say three words as follows - "Wedding", the Bride's name & the Groom's name. If they do say any of the three words, then they are required to do a dare from our Strip of Meat dares list. This is a lot of fun and runs in the background while the party continues. This is one of our favourite games!

Handbag Game

The waiter will ask everyone to put 3 items from their handbag / wallet into this bag. Once this is complete he will get everyone into a circle and give one bag at a time to the bride. The bride is required to guess who the items in the bag belong to. The idea of the game is that the bride will know her guests well enough to be able to tell which perfume one of her friends has, who is single (having a condom in their bag), or who catches the bus (bus pass) etc...


You are required to provide a zip-lock bag for each guest with this game

Obstacle Course

Your waiter will make up an obstacle course around the apartment and get 3 - 5 volunteers to do this one. Get them to start at a starting point (doorway etc) and then run through all the obstacles and get timed. The winner can nominate a shot to someone unless there are prizes? What we normally do is get them to

  1. do a sexy dance up against one of the waiters then run to the next spot and
  2. crawl through the legs of Bride (or other guest),
  3. have a photo shoot doing a sexy pose with the other waiter, then do
  4. push ups & finally a body shot off one of the waiters BUT not using hands (hands behind their back they have to pick up the shot glass with their mouth).

Once they have finished the shot they can then stop the timer.

Russian Roulette

10 guests, 10 shot glasses, 6 with water, 4 with vodka. (adjust for number of guests) The bride-to-be has to answer 10 questions from our Groom's quiz which you are required to send to the Groom prior to the party so we have the questions and answers sorted before the party (please print a copy for the night and email a copy to us). If the Bride gets it right, she nominates someone to drink (if she picks a pregnant person, they get to pass the nomination on), if she gets it wrong, she has to drink. The hens have 4 out of 10 chances of having to do a shot of vodka/ silver tequila vs water.


10 shot glasses (or however many per quiz questions), Vodka,
Complete Groom's quiz

Pop the Cherry

Each person has a balloon and they have to blow it up and then relay by running up to the person in front and 'humping them' the pop the balloon. Once they pop the balloon they take the Doggy Style position and wait for the next person to pop their balloon. The first team to pop all the cherries win...This is best to play in public.

See video for an example


Balloons & something to tie them around their waist (string etc)

Rude Pictionary

To play, print out or ask your guests to write down a few dirty words/actions/sex positions each. Throw them in a hat / bowl or whatever container you have available. Each team takes a turn pulling out a clue and drawing the clue.


Pens, small pieces of paper, a timer & a bowl. Before the party prepare some phrases on a sheet of paper and put it in a bowl.

Wedding Dress Making Competition

Your waiter will split the group into smaller dress making groups and with the newspaper, toilet paper and accessories provided by the host (or delegate to a guest), the groups are required to make a dress on one of their group. They will have 10 minutes to make it and they have to parade it in front of the others with the help of the leading man. If you have prizes organized then the group can agree on the winner.


Newspaper, Toilet paper, Sellotape & any other accessories to make a dress look 'pretty'.

Scavenger Hunt

We provide a scavenger hunt (see pdf attachment for you to print) for the Bride and the group to complete whilst in town (after the party). It requires a few items like a t-shirt/singlet, vivid marker pen on a rope/string, 5 x safety pins etc. Note this is for after the party and the waiter will not be part of this game. Please print the list for your challenge.


T-shirt/singlet that can be drawn on, a vivid marker pen on a rope/string to attach to the t-shirt, 5 x safety pins

Download the checklist

Sexy Charades

Divide the group into two teams. The first team will pick a phrase and whisper or writes it to one of the other team’s member. That team member will then become an “Actor “and must not show nor tell the phrase to his or her teammates. The actor must act using a portrayal and his or her teammates must guess the phrase on a limited time frame.


Pens, small pieces of paper, a timer & a bowl. Before the party prepare some sexual phrases on a sheet of paper and put it in a bowl.

X Marks The Spot

Just like Kiss The Penis but without the Paper.... All guests are blindfolded (one at a time) and the waiter puts lipstick on the guests and spins them around to lose their sense of direction. The waiter has an X marked on his body and they gustes are then guided to the waiter and they kiss where they think the X should be. They mark the spot by kissing the area with their lipstick covered lips.


A blindfold & lipstick

Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel hens addition- Great game for guests to get to know each other. Wrap up the layers with a willy straw or other funny hens games treats and a statement. Each layer needs a statement written on see statements below, then the player who's turn it is unwraps their layer takes their treat then reads the statement they then pass the present to the person they think the statement best matches. The person who has jungle fever The person who has had the most one night stands The person who lost their virginity the youngest The person who will get married next The person who has the dirtiest secrets The person who has the most sex toys The person who hates giving blow jobs The person who makes the most noise during sex The person who watches the most porn The person who has been on the most dates The person who is the pickiest when it comes to men The person who is always swiping right on tinder The person who is most romantic The person who has sex in risky places The person who has had a threesome


Newspaper to wrap the parcel, and a prize for inside.

Bra Pong

This is a mix between prosecco pong and beer pong, but with boobs! How it works? Get some cheap bras in various sizes and fun designs. If you want it to look classy, mix nice pinks and whites or pretty pastel shades. You can go for animal prints and bright colours if you want it to feel a little more tacky and traditional hen. Stick the bras to a large board with the smaller ones on the top and the larger on the bottom. Get some ping pong balls and work out a point system for scoring.


Cheap bras in various sizes Ping Pong Balls

Creative Penis

Each girl gets a few biscuits or bread and has to bite the shape of a willy into them. Who ever crafts the most creative penis wins!


Bread or Biscuits

Porn or Polish

FOR THOSE WITH DIRTY MINDS! Size Matters? Meet Balls? Frisky Business? For this game, split the group into small teams. The “bridesmaid master” reads out a list which everyone has to guess if they are nail polish names or the titles of risqué adult films!


Come up with a list of sexy nail polish names

Who's Best?

Divide the group into two teams then within your team and allocate tasks.

  1. 1. pass a cucumber down the line between your legs (no hands) with out dropping it.
  2. 2. who's best at sucking. 1 player from each team has to finish an ice tray filled with wine using a straw
  3. 3. who's best at swallowing in your team. Skull a cup of drink of choice
  4. 4. who's best at using their mouth. Do 2 shots using only your mouth to pick them up (no hands)
  5. 5. who's best at redressing the fastest. Who can put a bra on the quickest
  6. 6. who's best at twerking. Attach a tissue box to elastic and fill with ping pong balls put around waist and twerk the balls out of the box
  7. 7. who's best at Humping x2. Two players need to hump to pop a balloon
  8. 8. strike a pose. Get back in your team and strike a sexual pose, first team back in their pose wins
      (Contact us if you have a larger group and other tasks can be recommended)


      1 x cucumber 1 x ice tray 1 x bottle of wine 1 x straw 2 x tissue boxes & 2 x ping pong balls & elastic bands 1 x bag of balloons